Sunday, November 9, 2008

the recent me.

life has been quite hectic recently.
3 on going courseworks,
1 for Hydraulics
1 for Math
1 for Engineering Communication -AutoCad.
I have done only one and left with two.
gotta force myself not to sleep in the afternoon anymore.
I seriously need to study!

well. I'm glad that I still able to get some entertainment even though my life is hectic.
went to Mid Valley with friends on the Saturday.
watched "Ten Promises to My Dog" and it was seriously touching!!
then rushed back to TTS 4 and attended Allen's birthday party.
had really great fun there except for the part those sweaty guys started "attacking" my car.
sigh la. =P
then I went to friend's place to have a "keng gai" session which last for 7 hours.
eh kawan-kawan, how did we actually manage to talk to long huh?
went back to campus at 7am.
slept till 2.30pm. Albert's call woke me up. luckily.

last but not least,
I would like to wish all November babies,
to you, and me!
gonna be 19 by next week! XD

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