Friday, November 21, 2008

my last birthday.

I know I was supposed to write this entry earlier.
but friends, I'm really sorry because I was really lazy busy to blog.

well well.
at 12am of my birthday, I was actually dealing with my courseworks and tutorials.
thanks to those who wished me by sms and call.
wow. too many to be named but I'll try. keke
thanks to
kaiyee, soonming, albert, chiunyik a.k.a. siugaiyik, dennis, keatliong, gary, shiwei, jin, nick, allen, amirah, derek, gates, khaimun, ahsoon, desmond, jaric, bryan, sweeloo, meiyen, favian, yin, sim, celest, sam, leong, chan, kangling, sansan etc etc.
thanks to those who wished me through facebook and MSN.
to those who wished me in class, THANKS! =)
I heart you guys, civil engineering year 1 2008!
and thanks wailam for wishing me in both MSN and his blog. keke.

and of course thanks to those who gave me gifts.
thanks suan for the handmade "benang ball" lol i dunno wat to call tat
thanks shiwei+peiwern+alice for the shih tzu doll.
thanks celest+jo-ann for the mug
thanks desmond for the cute frog air freshener
thanks gates+soonming for the mickey pillow for car.
thanks [the list is long]
kai yee
nick gor gor
albert didi
jin jie jie
xiaokai gor gor
chin lao da
for the surprise party and a big teddy bear i wanted. kekeke..
*will post a photo of the presents soon. promise, ok ok?

let me tell u a bit about the surprise party located in KFC, Semenyih.
albert didi at first told me that he some kinda wanted to date me to KFC.
of course I got scared. and very curious.
so he asked angelol n keatliong along.
i got lagi scared.
LOL. i kept asking where are the others.
until monday afternoon, i met siaw in the SA cafe and he told me,
"See ya tomorrow night."
i was like, HUH?!
then he said,
"oh wrong person."
hahahahaha. and then i knew siaw is actually going too!
till tuesday itself, before going to KFC, i received a sms from xiaokai gorgor asking when are we going.
ha! that time I knew, xiaokai is going too! LOL!

by the time i reached KFC, i saw nick gorgor's car.. lol.
and with a big plastic in the car. i took a close glance at it.
muahaha. i know that would be the present. kekeke [sangat tak tau malu.]
then i met nick gorgor n kaiyee in the store. [well since the moment i know siaw and xiaokai is going, i edi noe nick gorgor n kaiyee confirm will be there too. moreover albert actually told me kaiyee is at home but kaiyee told me she was having a meeting. haiz. sui liao lo! =P]
then, i met chin laoda. [this is expected too since albert didi asked me his phone number like a few weeks ago. LOL.]
then i saw siaw, alex, xiaokai too. [expected as well.]
then, albert didi told me, jin is actually coming too.
OMGness this is seriously so unexpected.
because in the afternoon he acted like he didnt know abt the party.
ish. he's the best actor la.
and OMGness guess who appeared next?
gates + sansan + soonming
sansan acted like didnt know abt the party too.
so she's the best actress.

well, nick gorgor actually cheated me as well.
they actually knew about it earlier.
but nick gor gor still asked me whether i wanna go where to makan for my birthday.
he'll request for me or something.
ish. another acting dumb punya people.
ish ish.

then of course we had great fun there la.
thanks ya guys!
for the wonderful party!

as what i wrote for my MSN personal message,
yee,albert,keatliong,nick,sansan,soonming,gates,jin,alex,siaw,xiaokai,angelol and chin laoda!
kekekeke =)

*guess how many cars went to KFC that day?
answer - 7
mine + nickgorgor's + chinlaoda's + alex + xiaokai + sansan + jin
T.T si beh touched.
thanks guys.
lai, muacks muacks again!

aiks. this is seriously a very plain post.
i shall upload photos some time later, promise ok ok?!

***i've been abandoned lomography for quite some time.
haiz sad la. will take some photos when i really have time.
currently busy with courseworks and tests.

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