Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Life, Do Something.

As most of you guys know, I was a volunteer for the World Vision One Life Revolution in Times Square for last week.
My experience for this stop is kind of different from what I got for the DUMC stop.
This is basically the target group for both venues are different? LOL I don't know.
Most of the time I was at the check in counter for this time.
and for this stop, I actually became more talkative than before.
while waiting for the mp3 players to come, I actually took up the courage to talk to people.
hahaha. I've talked to some students from my own uni, a man from Ireland, another man from China, a girl from Botswana, a few students from HELP, a few medicine students from UM etc etc.
I'm really happy that the exhibit actually brought impact to them.

after the exhibit, visitors questioned,
'yea, I have one life, what can I do?'
well, I feel the most direct way of helping is to make donation.
or if you wanna do it for a long term, you guys can actually considered about child sponsorship.
Child Sponsorship?
yea. with World Vision, you can sponsor a child by making a payment of RM50 monthly.
well, the money does not go to the sponsored child directly, but the money will be pooled together with other sponsors to implement long-term, community-wide changes that help break the vicious cycle of poverty.
with just RM1.75 a day, you can actually help a child.
this RM1.75/day might be just a small amount for us, for those who is in poverty, it's a huge amount of it.
"The beauty of child sponsorship is that you are making a real difference in a child's life."
To know more about the Child Sponsorship by World Vision, please visit here

You have one life,

what will you do? =)

*both photos are taken with Fuji Instax Mini 7S. special thanks to nick gor gor's sexy back. =)


StarFish said...

that's pretty neat, thanks for posting that :)

WL said...

~ 生命没有take 2 ~
~One Life, Do Something~


~ 就让如果变成结果吧!!! ~

~ One Life, D0 Something ~