Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my personal tutor.

today I went and met my personal tutor - Ir. Dr. Chan Swee Huat.
my first impression by just looking at his name was -
"wow! this lecturer has double title weh."
after 3 times of visiting his office, finally I manage to meet him.
he had a look on my form and asked, "Oh, you're from Rawang? currently I have some projects there."
I was shocked why he as a lecturer would be having projects there.
then he explained to me, he set up a consultant firm a year ago.
and I was like, "wow. so cool"

then he asked me,"as a lady why would you choose Civil Engineering?"
I held for a while, then answered him.
then, he gave a few advices on lady being civil engineer.
He worked in the industry for like 10 years, of course he did shared some of his experiences with me.

"I always tell my students that the first 10 years of working is the period of time where they need to "absorb" experiences. After that 10 years, it will be alright for them to achieve higher, like opening a consultancy firm."

I find this very true.
Because fresh graduates nowadays, not to say all, but a majority of them do not have the right attitude of working.
Ya. In fact we should be humble and learn.

Ir. Dr. Chan advised me on choosing my major for my final year too.
"You should actually start thinking about it now. Plan your future from now on."
and he told me about he planned to take geotechnical as his major since year 2 and experience of getting his first job and all.

We talked for like, half an hour?

Ir. Dr. Chan really gained my respect.
He's a wise man.
I'm just lucky to have him as my personal tutor! =)

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