Sunday, May 30, 2010

recent update.

on some kind of major mood swings recently.
car got knocked and the fella just ran off like that.
the condition of my car isn't as bad as the accident happened 2 years back,
but i got really pissed off by the uncivilized guys.
WNR 2676 was the car, with 3 uncivilized chinese guys. please do me a favor, pray for them to be safe on the road, because i always believe in karma.

oh well, sunway construction offered me an internship position.
but i rejected. because menara sunway is just so far away.
i kno i might sound stupid for rejecting such a great offer, but still, what to do?
i chose to spare more time for my family and friends before im off to UK.

haven't really picked up something to do during the summer.
definitely not working like last summer again, lol. i need some really good rests. :)
current plan is to have a major cleanup for my wardrobe, mommy said i should give away my old clothes to the charity.
next, i would really wanna have a lomowall in my room. my room is quite plain still, so i really wan a lomowall. XD
next, i would really really really like to do lotsa lotsa lotsa shopping.

last but not least. to spend more time with you. :)

oh ya, didn't i tell you that i just permed my hair? i think i look like an aunty now. but somebody says it's alright, so it's alright. HAHAHAHAHA.

p/s - 人们天生就懂得伪装。不是吗?别再用美丽的文字遮盖自己的过错了,我对自己说。哎。


(Photo by LC-A+ loaded with Fuji Astia 100, cross processed.)

p/s again - i miss my lomo cameras a lot suddenly. to all who are holding them, please take good care of them. :(

p/s again and again - true friends really last forever. aiks. lee soo huay, ter mei sim, ter mei mei and low yin yin, me miss u all so so so so so muchie!


♀ M3♪ ♀ said...

you say "mei mei" i say "有!“ =p

Xjion89 said...

all the best i UK~~~(^^)
keep blogging ooo~~~
dun abandon ur bloggie when in UK

Jhen said...

mei, u never fail to cheer me up. :)
jay, oh yeah! i think (and hope) that i wont abandon my blog? hehe.

Sebastian Workshop said...

Is 3 years considered long? I mean for yourself? Anyway, all the best and congratulation for the completion of your studies. But, I believe you will miss your UNI time when you start to work at outside world..