Friday, May 28, 2010

goodbye 3 years.

days in The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus are in past tenses now.
3 years is the duration, of me studying in UNMC.
throughout these 3 years, i have really seen a lot, and learnt as much.
i have also gained a lot, but of course, there were losses as well.

dear all lecturers and friends, thank you for everything you've given me in these 3 years.
thanks for the supports, understanding, tolerances, guidances, patience etc etc etc.
you have changed me into a better person. :)

the probability of meeting somebody is like 1 over 6.8 billions,
hence, i believe it was fate which brought us together.

and now, these 3 years of my life in UNMC have came to an end.
the memories are priceless. how i wish to have enough memory to actually store them all, every single second of it.


it's always hard to say goodbye. :(

p/s - afterall, this blog post is applicable only if i get to transfer to the UK campus successfully next semester. hahaha.

(Photo taken by LC-A+, loaded with Kodak EBX 100, cross processed.)

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