Monday, July 6, 2009



first roll of film taken with Holga 135 BC.
fuji superia 200 if not mistaken. it was a year ago.
now only i realized, negatives actually bring more simplicity than slides do.
hmmm, i should get more negatives instead of just slides, slides, slides. i think.

loveeeeeeeeee hanging out in music stores recently.
there are a few young Taiwanese singers that i should recommend to you,
Crowd Lu 卢广仲, Hsiao Hung Jen 萧闳仁 and Shuo 萧贺碩.
i love those songs by all three of them, especially Crowd Lu.
many people would think that he's a weirdo, but for me, he's just great.
his songs are simple and nice. loveeeeee all the arrangements. =D
he deserved the 20th Golden Melody Best New Comer Award.
and of course, do check out Hsiao Hung Jen and Shuo's songs too. they are just as great.

“你是否和我一样 有很多人住在你的心脏”-卢广仲《Que te pasa? 你在干嘛?》

人生如戏 每一出戏里总会 有一个自己 就算只剩一个人
也要演下去 像一出没有对手 的对手戏 -萧闳仁王宝釧苦守寒窑十八年》

爱的理由 不会有错 就算换了时空 
也会做相同的梦 伸出手请带我走-萧贺碩《我爱你》

p/s - keeping everything simple is good, isn't it? =D

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