Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blood donation.

yea. This is a day to remember.
I finally donated my blood!

still remember I told my 'tai yeye', KhaiMun that I must make myself to go for blood donation before I turn 21.
and now, I did it! at the age of 19 (ok la. going on 20)

I remember last semester I wanted to go for the blood donation but in the end I did not have enough courage to go.
haha. today I finally decided, and I really did it.
thanks for the courage that was given by a few of my friends lor.

but seriously, blood donation isn't painful at all. (strange, right?)
but I was just toooooooooooooooo 'lucky' that my blood was flowing too slow,
the nurse just had to 'move around' with my needle,
and I can tell you, ,THAT IS SERIOUSLY PAINFUL.
lol. but afterall, it's a great experience.

now I'm feeling extremely happy.
yea, exactly the same happiness I got after volunteering for OLR.
and I'm so so proud of myself.


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