Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Love Never Dies' in London Adelphi Theatre

went for Phantom of the Opera on the 4th, and Love Never Dies on the 5th.
my friends said i was crazy. lol. i wanted to go for Stomp as well, but too bad, no moolah!

if you have not known, 'Love Never Dies' is the sequel written by Andrew Llyod Webber and performed only not long ago, erm, perhaps only a year ago. :)
i was quite disappointed by the story and especially scenes before the intermission.
but the show went pretty good after the intermission.

one of my favourite piece from Love Never Dies,

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass, let them die. Without you, what are they for?
'Til' I Hear You Sing' by Ramin Karimloo.

too bad, Ramin Karimloo was on leave for the show I attended. Tam Mutu was the phantom of the night. But still, he was superb! his voice was amazing when he performed Til' I Hear You Sing. actually, i'd prefer Tam Mutu's version of it, than the youtube clip of Ramin's. :)

not gonna tell you the plot of Love Never Dies. :D i think it's a good musical that worth attending to the theatre to watch.

oh! haven't I told ya that Andrew Llyod Webber is my new idol? he is the producer for many of the musicals in London, Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, Wizard of Oz, Cats and The Sound of Music, bla bla bla.
he is also the composer of most of the songs. Think of Me, All I Ask of You, Til' I Hear You Sing, Memory bla bla bla.
for me, he is a musician as great as Joe Hisaishi and John Williams. :D

p/s - aiks, Phantom of the Opera was great as well. love the scene where Raoul and Christine escape to the roof, and sang 'All I Ask of You'. sweeeet! but too bad, my friend and I felt that even La Carlotta sang better than Christine. and this current Christine is rated as the worst Christine for Her Majesty's Theatre ever. :/

share with you one more great song by Andrew Lloyd Webber,

I remember the time I knew what happiness was. Let the memory live again
Memory, from Cats

*woohooo phantom and love never dies were my 2nd and 3rd musical in London! more to come! saving mooooolah for Mama Mia and Les Miserable. mama mia, here i go again... i dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyyy~*

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