Friday, March 25, 2011


please dont blame me for not updating as often as i used to.
recently i have been really really busy....
with this-

and this-

Temporary Traffic Management of the A46 Newark to Widmerpool Improvement Scheme.
images courtesy of Highways Agency, UK.

no, dont worry. i am still passionate about what im doing.
even though i have not been sleeping earlier than 3am everyday since like, january or february?
hmmmm. :/



ChiNg Fai said...

Nice view. Are you majoring in highway & transportation? Anyway, nice blog~ ;)

Jhen said...

hey ching fai u are here in my blog! *surprised* :D
erm, no im not taking any major yet, till next year.haha.
this is new module introduced by my uni to let students to contact those in the industry to do research. :/
i struggled a while to do these since im new in UK and my supervisor assigned me to do this research about highway! i have to study everything from zero. lol.

ChiNg Fai said...

Haha~ I saw you posted your blog link in the morning. So, I read it through~ Hehe~

That is a really good module. I wish you all the best on your research. ;)

Jhen said...

all the best in exam!
(if im not mistaken u guys are having your exams now? o.0)