Monday, December 14, 2009

there's always hope.

grandpa was admitted into hospital. HDU unit.
visited him last week.
the HDU unit was just next to ICU unit.

there's a long corridor outside of both units.
solemn is the word, to describe the corridor.
i saw people came out feeling weak,
i also saw them crying.

and i was thinking,
what can be worse than death?
or losing your beloved ones?

when i was entering the HDU unit.
i managed to take a glance, of the ICU unit.
people gasping for air, to live on.
they struggled, but all they wanted was to live on.

i soon realized that,
comparing to their determination, to live on for the next second,
my courseworks, projects, problems are tiny little sand.

so, guys, do not give up easily, even though things may seem hard.

here i wish,
all people to be pink of health.
and grandpa, get well soon!
i promised ya, i will fetch u to go for siew pao and dim sum, remember?

be positive about your life.
there's always hope, i believe.


(photo taken by Fisheye No. 2 with Fuji Velvia 100F, cross processed.)

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