Saturday, October 24, 2009



it was fated, i believe.
i came across this child sponsorship scheme by World Vision some years ago, when i was reading readers digest.
i told myself, one day if i could afford to sponsor one child, i will do so.

then, last year december, i volunteered myself again for One Life Revolution Aids Awareness Campaign by World Vision.
my friend came up with the idea, "hey, i wanna sponsor a child, and you?"
i said, "only if somebody would share with me, because i can't afford to sponsor one child at the moment, but half of it, it's okay for me."
and he said, "oh yea, why not let's share?"
im not sure whether he remembers the real situation, but i can remember it quite well.
because it was a chance, a start, to what i've dreamt of always.

and we constantly contributed RM50 a month for the child, a young and healthy boy called Kumar from India.
it was his birthday and we decided to send him a greeting card.
we did not expect a reply, but we knew we want him to be happy with the card.

months later, we received a reply letter.
i almost burst into tears when i read the translation (because it was in tamil words and world vision staffs got it translated into english)

it was written like this,

"I am being promoted from the grade 5 to the grade 6. I am studying well and doing well in the school. I received the greeting card that you sent to me. Thank you so much. I showed it to my friends and my family and enjoyed doing so.
Thank you for all the help that you have been doing for my family and me. I am praying to the lord almighty for you and your family well-being."

a simple letter, with simple grammar.
but it means a lot to me.
happiness of a child, it's priceless.
i'm glad that i brought happiness to him.

people around me often ask me, why doing voluntary works, which is zero income?
let me tell you my friends, charity works bring no money, but they pay u unlimited love and happiness.
again i would say, it's priceless.
i mean people, we should not frame our dreams. in the sense of, dreams can be anything.
not only high goals, big money...
but to love, can be a dream too.

having your dream as realising the others' dream, would you?


i am doing what i can to love. and you?

p/s - one of my friends told me that he kinda like my blog posts and they're not lame at all. i'm glad. thanks, my friend. it's such a huge encouragement for me to blog on. =)


kaizen boy said...

this is what i always want to do..

where can i do this?
oh..i am damn so proud of u..

Jhen said...

u can always go to!