Friday, December 31, 2010

prague at night*布拉格夜景篇

why did i choose prague as my first destination?
let these pictures tell you. :)

Palladium, a shopping mall very near to our hotel. it represents the modern side of prague. :) and this is the place where we got our daily supper and snacks. :P

the Petrin Lookout Tower, built in the 1800s. 299 steps, and breathtaking view of prague. :) located in a landscaped gardens on Petrin Hill, one of the best places to have snow fight in prague! heehee.

view of prague castle from the Petrin Lookout Tower. amazing.

the astronomical clock, located near the old town square. there's a viewing tower on top of that too.

view from the astronomical clock tower, with st. nicholas church on the left. sorry for the bad angle. :p

a photo that i have posted in the last post. view of the old town square (yes, this is the place jolin sings about!) from the astronomical clock tower. it's christmas market going on, with nice food and friendly people! heehee!

a LED angel decoration in the old town square.

at around 5pm, stepped out of the metro station,
the first impression of prague was, wow. astonishing.
with slight snow that time, prague was amazingly beautiful!
i came to the right place, i told myself.

that's all for now, more photos to come!

p/s - i have decided to upload the large size photos, to give you a better view. :p at the same time, sorry for the bad quality of photos okay? still learning mah! heeeheeeee!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

feliz navidad!

ahoy everybody! just came back from Prague, Czech Republic yesterday.
i like it a lot! and i think i will be back again! (if i have a chance. hehe.)

haven't really sort the pictures out yet. will do it soon. hehehe. one of it to share -

view of the Prague Old Town Square from the Astronomical Clock Tower. :D


p/s - sorry for abandoning my blog for quite some time. :( will try to update more frequently soon! :D